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Sunday, June 05, 2011 6:10AM Behind The Wheel With Brett Smrz

Well...this weekend didn't go too well for me. We started out in Saturday practice feeling the kart out, getting used to driving the kart again, and dialing in the setup. We were having some big motor problems all day, and was losing about 1 second on the back straight away. We found a new motor to run for Sunday, given to us by Phil and Everett Giebler; I can't thank them enough. The motor seemed to be working really well in the morning. I was running some decent times, and was ready for qualifying.

I went out for qualifying, made about half a lap, and the motor shut off. We brought it in and noticed that the spark plug wire was loose. The track officials graciously allowed me to do a Green/Checkered. You honestly need 2 laps, at least, to get the tires warm. I qualified 3rd from last with the position I was being given.

For the heat race, I made it to the second turn, taking it easy, and got hit in the right rear tire. Someone jumped over the curb going into the esses and knocked me just enough to get me into a slow spin, over the curb, and stalled the engine out.

Keeping my head held high, I started the race from the last row and dodged the 7 car pile up in turn one. I made it up to 10th position by about lap 7, but my brake line had some air in it and my brakes were fading rapidly. I kept going until the bitter end, but when I had no brakes at the end of the straight away on my last lap I called it quits.

Thanks go out to my dad for spending his time helping me tune the kart and get things ready this weekend. He busted his butt getting everything up to par. Phil and Everett Giebler for lending the Doug Flemming engine to me at the last minute. And to Nick Johnston for providing the Maddox Kart for the race weekend.

Better luck next time, eh!


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