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Saturday, July 09, 2011 5:59AM Behind The Wheel With Brett Smrz

I picked up a new hobby! Rock climbing is such a fun sport. It reminds me of my old childhood days of climbing up the Lopez's huge tree with my best friend Joel. I went out to Stony point two days ago with Casey Pieretti, and helped out for a shot with his climbing foot that he has made. I didn't get to try it out unfortunately, but it was still awesome to watch him climb with it. I went out to Rockreation last night with Courtney Schwartz, a fellow stunt girl, and played around for a few hours. I ended up getting a membership there, and I will definitely be going back out. If anyone in the LA area wants to climb, head on out to Rockreation and maybe I'll see you there!

Thanks go out to Five Ten climbing shoes for providing me with the shoes. They work really well, and definitely help me get up the walls easier. Hopefully I will see you guys out there!

P.S.: Update on my driving position at the moment. I have nothing set up right now, but I am going to be buying a track car soon that I can go out and play around with. I have to get back out on the track! I'll keep everyone posted on what I end up getting.


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