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Friday, December 02, 2011 9:24AM Behind The Wheel With Brett Smrz

Hey everyone,

I am still currently working on my racing plans for 2012. I have a test with a race team sometime this month, and will update on the site when/how it goes.

I just got back from working on One Shot in Pittsburgh, PA. I got to hang out in the Burgh for 7 weeks, which was really awesome. The food there was pretty good, and I got to go to a lot of different restaurants. I also went to a Pittsburgh Steelers football game and sat in the 18th row, center field! That was my first football game, and it was awesome! I got myself a jersey and got to witness all of the crazy tailgaters in the city! If you were walking around the city without a jersey on, you felt left out.

I also got to go see a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game, which was cool. I hopped in a van with a few friends, and we bought our tickets on the way there on our phones! We also got to sit fairly close to the rink dead center. I'd say it was a good first football game to watch, because it was 0-1 going into the 3rd period, and ended 2-2. It then went into overtime, where nobody scored. Then came the shootout, where the Penguins won.

One Shot should be a pretty cool movie! The characters won't look exactly the same as the book (Lee Childs: One Shot), but there seemed to be a lot of awesome stuff in it. Also, Chris McQuarrie seemed to be doing a great job with the filming. So, definitely go check that out when it comes out in theaters next year! I was won of the cops in the car chase, so look out for me!

I also have a few commercials airing right now. I have the VW Beetle "High Five" commercial, the Smart Car "Unbig" commercial, and the Mercedes "Santa's Sleigh" commercial (I'm in the front right car [Mercedes C250]). The Mercedes was actually a really cool car for the price. It was one of their slower models, but still very clean and a smooth ride. The Beetle was an unexpected like as well! It is running on turbo on the newer models, so it gives that extra kick that it's always needed.

I just bought a 2002 BMW E46 M3, that I am in love with. I haven't driven it much, but the times that I drove it have been fun! It's got a nice little jump to it on the bottom end. I have some work that I want to do to it. I will probably put the 450 in there, so I can go drifting with it. I'll be getting new tires and replacing the bushings sometimes soon so that I can get it out to the race track. If anyone wants to go out and have some fun at Willow or Buttonewillow, let me know and I'll see if I can make it!

Keep tuned. I'll try to keep this blog a little more updated than what it has been.



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