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Saturday, March 15, 2014 12:00AM Behind The Wheel With Brett Smrz

Hey everyone!

I’m really excited to revamp my website, and get you all back in the world of Smrz! I have some exciting stuff coming up, so I will be updating my website as much as possible. I will also be adding at least one blog post per week to keep everyone up to date.

To start off, I’ll be working in downtown LA tomorrow morning on an Infinity commercial. I’m not sure what it is for, what I’ll be doing, or what I’ll be driving yet, but I will let you guys know when I know and when I’m allowed to release the information. On every job I fill out a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and I have to be very selective with what I am allowed to release before the production actually releases the final product.

I’ve been keeping fairly busy lately. I just finished up working on MI:5 for Wade Eastwood. We were doing some car testing out at Buttonwillow Raceway. I had fun working with Jimmy Roberts, Tom McComas, Sam Le, Mike Li, Richard Epper, Robert Nagle, and Elia Popov. I met some new people, and we had a blast at the track for two days straight.

As for my personal projects, the BMW E30 325i convertible is coming along alright. New issues keep popping up, but I’m sticking to it and fixing the issues fairly quickly. I recently changed the control arms, tie rods, bushings, suspension, springs, steering wheel, front grille, and put some BBS wheels on. Newest issues on the horizon are the odometer, which has stopped, the fan belt, which is now screeching when the car gets warm, and the reverse lights don’t work.

The Nissan 240 has been sitting for a couple of months now. I have the LS7 engine sitting around waiting to go in, but I want to get the car caged first before we move forward with that project. I can’t wait to get that car going for the first time. It’s going to be a lethal weapon!

Also, my newest project car is the 2012 E92 M3. I just picked it up in Texas, from another BMW enthusiast. This is the fastest street car I’ve driven so far, and man does it handle incredibly well stock. I can’t wait until I can get some mods thrown onto this car, and make it a dream come true. If anyone ever wants to chat BMW’s with me, I would more than love the conversation!

I wanted to thank Benjamin Foley for helping me get the website revamped. If you like his work, send him a message or ask me for his contact information. He does great work, and he is extremely easy to work with. He knows his stuff. If you aren’t sold from this website, go check out Aleksander Rossi’s!

Thanks everyone else for the continuing support, and I look forward to writing some more blogs!


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